Thursday, 15 October 2015

What am I proud of?

I am proud of my writing because at home I write words that I do not know and then I learn the words and write it anywhere when I am doing writing. This is my writing.

My Adventures Have Begun
It was the moment I had anticipated all my life. On the stapler it says 4th floor. Do not remove. I thought I should disobey it so I quietly ambled down the stairs. " 3rd floor is a lot more playful than 4th" I thought. " I need to explore more things" I decided.. 

Removing from the 1 floor, I scurried to get a ticket. Then I quickly scuttled to find a seat. It was All Blacks vs Samoa. Oh Samoa snatched the ball ran to the try line and samoa scored the first try!! Now the the all blacks grabbed the ball they pushed everyone to the ground and he jumped over the Samoa people and scored a try. The score is very very close! Whichever team score first they win the World Cup. The ball is in the air one of the Samoa people has got it but the All Blacks snatched the ball and went through the Samoa people legs and nehe Milner-skudder scored a try!! The All Blacks won the World Cup!!!!

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